DIY: Painting Multicolor Chevron Stripes

February 22nd, 2012

standard 2-color chevron stripes are pretty straight forward.

but two colors are boring, so lets use four….or five or six or seven.

I promise this is super easy. the hardest part is the math.

step 1: base color

paint the wall of choice with a base color – this color will act as a small chevron stripe in between each large chevron stripe. let it dry then tape up the baseboards.

step 2: sketches

you need to decide a few things: how many stripes you want, how big you want them to be, and what your color pattern will be. draw it out until you find a design you like. this is what I ended up with:

write down your colors if needed and any other notes for yourself.

step 3: MATH

measure your wall and write the measurements down on your sketch. now dissect the sketch into boxes. place vertical lines at each point – high and low – and horizontal lines between each stripe so that you have a grid of boxes. count the number of boxes and divide the wall measurement by that number to decide how big each box needs to be on the wall.

Example: my wall was 94 inches tall and I had 6 horizontal lines – so each box had to be 15.6 inches tall. The wall was 132 inches long and I had 8 vertical lines, so each box had to be 16.5 inches wide.

write down how big each box needs to be so you don’t get confused.

*make sure you measure from the ceiling to the top of the baseboard – if you measure all the way to the floor it will throw off your entire measurement.

step 4: CHALK

starting from the ceiling, mark out points with a pencil that match the measurements of the height of your boxes and mark points going across that match the width of your boxes.

Now take a chalk line and matching it up to the points you marked, snap lines on the wall to make a grid.

It should look something like this when you’re done:

Step 5: tape

the genius thing about this is that where you tape to separate the big stripes, the base color will stay and act as a divider between the large stripes – so you can choose as many colors as you want. each large stripe can be a different color and it will be just as easy as if you were only using two. and the small stripe adds a different dimension to the standard chevron pattern.

so, tape. use scissors on the tape to make sure you get a clean edge as opposed to ripping it. line one edge of the tape up with the top corner of the top left box and match it to the bottom corner of the box so that you divide the box in half – choose either top or bottom of the tape, it doesn’t matter, just stay consistent. Now you’ll start from bottom to top on the next box and repeat until each box has been taped. Make sure the tape overlaps so that you have clean points. Your end result will look like this ( the boxes are visible towards the top of the photo):

once you get into a rhythm, the taping goes by really fast. I taped the entire wall in about 35-45 minutes.

Step 6: paint

now you can paint.

paint in between the tape with chosen colors – as many as you’d like. do two coats and pull the tape as soon as you’re done painting the second coat.

This will be your end result:

(I used 3 colors for the big stripes)

My point is that chevron isn’t scary.

it’s actually really easy, even with lots of colors.

now go forth into the world and paint shit chevron.

I still have lots to do in B’s new nursery before I do a tour of sorts or enter in any more contests.

But it will be even more glorious than his first room.


March 29th, 2011

how the narwhals came to be:


a girl followed the blog. a girl named Dannielle. a canadian girl. I friended Dannielle on facebook. Dannielle accepted. Dannielle said “what should I paint…?” I drank some beers. I said “NARWHALS.”  I feared she’d think me crazy. I fell asleep. I woke up. Miss Dannielle didn’t think me crazy after all and while I was dreaming painted up the two best looking narwhals I’ve ever seen. A momma narwhal and a baby narwhal. Me and B. It’s hanging in B’s nursery, a little piece of our new canadian friend, a sweet reminder of the best surprise ever.


Dannielle, you’re a bad ass.


Update: apparently I missed the memo that it’s narwhal…not nar-whale. I always just thought people were saying it wrong. awkward.

B's Nursery 2.0

March 2nd, 2011

A couple things have changed in the award winning nursery of yore. My ingenious DIY cowhide rug? Brilliant, yes…safe? No. Anything on the floor is an instant tripping hazard for me because my brain has no idea how exactly to communicate with my feet and I heard somewhere that you’re not supposed to drop the baby. So no more rug for now. The fan got moved to the bookcase so it will actually blow on the crib…which means the collage got a little rearranged and the radio moved to the nightstand. The changing table actually functions now. The first time I had to change B’s diaper was a horrible ordeal because a. there wasn’t a garbage can and b. nothing was in the right place – there was no flow. Also, I decided the other pictures are crap and they bother me now for no particular reason. So I took new ones. And did some before and afters. And there is a picture of his own personal little red bathroom. It’s more of a baby suite than a nursery. Nursery 3.0 will probably be a video tour narrated by Stella. It’s already in the works.

Resource list here

I feel famous

November 30th, 2010

Brigsby’s nursery is being featured today on Offbeat Mama!

this is better than unicorns.


November 25th, 2010

We won third place in the nursery wars.

Brigsby will be born into the winner’s circle.

Thank you for not letting my kid be a loser.

I think the gnome won everybody over.

Also, thank you sheehan and jeremy for unabashedly ensuring third place was mine. I admire your hard work and dedication. There are surprises in store for you.

Semi Finals!

November 22nd, 2010

We made it to the semi finals.

(was there really ever any doubt?)

So now you all have to vote again…

Do it for Brigsby – this could be his lucky break, his 15 minutes of fame.

I only give birth to winners.


November 19th, 2010

So…I need…like…15 more votes in this contest to secure my spot in the semis.

i hand stenciled every wall…including the ceiling.

i deserve to win.

make it happen.

get your mom/roommate/neighbor/cousin to vote.

you have until 1 p.m. tomorrow (saturday).

brigsby is not going to be a happy camper if he loses. he’s real competitive.

Pleasant Distractions

November 18th, 2010

I opened my e-mail this morning in a fog.

I found out Brigsby’s nursery was chosen for the Ohdeedoh nursery contest.

Do me a solid and go vote, por favor.

My unborn child thanks you as well.

I really needed the distraction today…

What Heaven Looks Like

November 13th, 2010

The most awesome nursery in the history of the world.

Brace yourselves.

***UPDATE*** Go read this when you’re done. Before & Afters, better pictures, the bathroom, annnnd all the crap that was wrong with the nursery I didn’t know was wrong until we brought him home.

Walls: hand stenciled and striped with my own pregnant little hands

Ceiling: hand painted clouds, birds painted and nailed to it courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Chair: free.

Ottoman: Tuesday Morning on, like, triple clearance. King Henry VIII would have liked that color purple and so will Brigsby.

Lights: Target

Pennants and Stars: Hand made with lots of felt and lots of glue while watching Dexter

Frame: Ikea

Poster: Etsy

Rugs: Joanne’s fabric. hand cut. $10.

Teddy Bear: Handmade by a mountain woman in Georgia. That is a lie.

Dresser: Craigslist, painted by Beloved and Padre while I drank ginger ale and watched from the garage.

Changing Pad & Cover: Target

Fan: Wal Mart

Trash can: Ikea, spray painted orange

Pennant: all me

Metallic stars: Wal Mart

Macrame planter: I think my grandma made it. Maybe she didn’t. Either way, it came from her house.

Dream catcher: Dollar store

Black Velvet Curtains: Wal Mart

Sheepskin: Ikea

Lamp: Goodwill $4 + spray paint + electrical tape

Gnome: from my personal collection

Tootsie Roll alarm clock: Goodwill $3

Orange gypsy scarf: Target

Nightstand: free

Giraffe: AWESOME

Frames: Dollar Store

Art: the result of lots of googling

B: Joanne’s $.50

Radio: Goodwill $4

Emmett Kelly clown sculpture: family heirloom (seriously)

Beer Bottles: There’s a story behind that, I swear.

Bookcase: free

Telescope: also from my personal collection

Crazy storage bins: Target

Footballs: Husband’s collection

Popcorn Cart: Goodwill $3…and it works, too.

Books: Half of them came from Europe – gifts from Daddyo when I was a little girl


attempted combination of paper mache, pom poms, paint, and lots of glitter.

There’s also a story behind this. A very good one.

Crib: Cribs4Life

Sock Monkey: Goodwill $2 (it’s been sanitized, I promise)

Crib sheets/skirt: Sewn by hand, mostly by Dottie, but I helped.

FSU Blanket: Hand crocheted because once upon a time I spent some time there.

Sleep Sheep: Buy Buy Baby

This is Stella’s favorite room in the house. And soon it will be Brigsby’s.



***UPDATE*** go read this. Before & Afters, better pictures, the bathroom, annnnd all the crap that was wrong with the nursery I didn’t know was wrong until we brought him home.

    Easily Dunn