the transition of days

December 30th, 2011

days play back in your mind, slow at first, folding into weeks, into months, edges of the frame deep and hazy, just so slightly out of focus. a flute of champagne and a fur coat, a red heart balloon floating to the ceiling. cold and blue, grass frosted white. the frame speeds up and the sun rains technicolor shadows down from the sky. a green wig, a pink flamingo. the gray smoke curling off a birthday candle. a bunny mask, a tiny baby. spring speeds into summer, days begin to melt. beach sand and a crashing wave. ice dissolving into rum. fireworks and baby’s crawling. the frame skips, and faster now the days play back. blurry and close, a tear stained cheek. a falling leaf and n0w he’s older. a pumpkin glowing, a baking pie. things move faster, faster, a deafening cacophony. only glimpses now, a string of lights, a flurry of scissors. a baby’s eyelash, fingers entwined. and the noise of it all bears down, holding you still, and your eyes sting and still it moves faster, alive now and engulfing you, filling the air you breathe with an electric current. christmas, an explosion, sound and light and nothing else.

and then the frame goes dark.

silent. still.

with nothing left to give, like a dying moth, it loses color. faded and brittle it turns to dust, pale wings crumble, hollow body breaks away, spent and broken, nothing left but a shimmering pile of ash. and then you wait, wait for something new, something living, breathing, to stir…to grow wings and fly. and while you wait the world sheds its skin…that sickly, blinding, faded film peels away.

a molting world.

the transition of days.

white winter hymnal

December 19th, 2011









3 Very Long Short Years

December 6th, 2011

While you might read about my adventures sometimes, you don’t often see me posting. Since this is Jamie’s outlet and the fact that I can’t compare to her style of writing, I usually let her be the scribe of our lives, but not today.

You see today, I have been married to Jamie for 3 very long short years. I could tell you all about how amazing Jamie is, but if you read this blog, then you already understand how wild and crazy she is and that she can help bring a smile to your face no matter the circumstance. That is why there have 3 been very long short years, we have packed our lives with so much, it would seem impossible that it was all done in 3 years, at the same time though it seems like yesterday that I made the best decision in my life.

I knew before the day we got married that I was trapped in her chaos, and I loved every second of it, but I still believe anniversaries should still be recognized. So, in honor of our 3rd year of marriage, we aren’t buying gifts (although I would say that house I’m buying her should count…) and since the traditional gift for 3rd year is leather according to Wikipedia, I decided to doodle in Paint while at work last night because I don’t have leather working skills. It isn’t my greatest work, and your eyes might burn from looking at it for over 86 seconds but I think it conveys my message properly.  Love is chaotic, captivating and to an outsider often useless, just like my doodle, but we are trapped in our bliss and will continue to sing our song and live in love.

Also cows = leather if you didn’t get that reference and Raptors = awesomeness.

Oh, and I’m still planning on being an awesome husband as well. I love you Jamie, and I can’t wait for the next 70 VERY LONG short years.