weekend playlist vol. 19

July 29th, 2011

this is what we’ll be listening to this weekend while we watch the world as we know it explode around us in a kaleidoscope of fragmented dreams…warped colors…celestial shapes…smoke and mirrors…glitter and ash.

my dear diana

July 28th, 2011

Picture 18

my life in lomography.















Blood Bank

July 27th, 2011


That secret that you know
But don’t know how to tell
It fucks with your honor
And it teases your head
But you know that its good girl…
Cause its running you with red

Then the snow started falling
We were stuck out in your car
You were rubbing both of my hands
Chewing on a candy bar

You said “aint this just like the present
To be showing up like this”
As a moon waned to crescent
We started to kiss

And I said I know it well

That secret that we know
We don’t know how to tell
I’m in love with your honor
I’m in love with your cheeks
What’s that noise up the stairs babe?
Is that Christmas morning creaks?

And I know it well…

-Bon Iver

32 weeks old

July 27th, 2011


Carry on my wayward son
There’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry…don’t you cry no more…







Precious Things

July 25th, 2011


playing with vintage blocks. a baby on my doorstep. sleeping on the couch. baby at the beach. family in plaid. puppy, diana, and elvis. napping in a hibiscus grove. brutal sun. tiny flowers. guacamole and macaroni. clothes and shoes and photo shoots. fights in parking lots. ladybug rafts. rocking chairs in orange groves. furs and ties and treasure.

Shop Update

July 25th, 2011

A couple of things just added to the shop:

 Picture 2 IMG_1707

Tabitha: Vintage Teal & Red Damask Skirt

Picture 3 IMG_1656

Josephine: Pastel Plaid Vintage Skirt

Picture 5 IMG_1672

Ruby: Red & White Vintage Patchwork Maxi Skirt

Picture 4 IMG_1762

Eden: Baby Blue Silk & Ivory Lace Vintage Nightgown

Picture 6 IMG_1633

Opal: Teal Vintage Executive Dress with Oversized Capiz Shell Buttons

Picture 7 IMG_2040

Skye: Baby Blue Embroidered Tunic / Dress with Iridescent Sequins

Picture 10 IMG_2279

Indigo: Teal Eyelet Vintage Tunic / Dress with Orange & Yellow Embroidery and Gold Sequins

Picture 8 IMG_2069

Liberty: White Vintage Dress with Hand Embroidered Red & Blue Details

Picture 9 IMG_2119

Amelia: White & Pink Paisley Vintage Tunic / Dress with multicolor Jewels and Sequins


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31 weeks old  – the really late edition.

July 21st, 2011


you have very abruptly and obstinately decided that you will not sleep unless it’s beside me, wrapped around my arms, feet draped over my legs, head tilted in towards mine. every night you wake up looking for me and I make us a bed of blankets and furs and penguin shaped pillows and we sleep that way, snuggled next to each other until morning when I open my eyes and see your tiny hands reaching at my face, smiling so big I can hardly see your eyes. And in these seconds I am happy…I want them to last, I want the world to stop…to revolve around them. And as the day wears on, my back will hurt from sleeping on the floor, my ribs will hurt from where you kicked me, my head from where you pulled my hair…there will be tiny cuts and scratches on my arms and legs from the way you dug your fingers and toes into them…and I will be tired, worn down from being up with you during the night. And in those moments, the ones where I’m tired and hurting, I just want to sleep in my own bed, uninterrupted the way it was a week ago. But then you fall asleep in my arms again and I think of the days speeding towards us where you won’t want to be so close to me, where I will beg you for a hug, where I will dream of the days like today when all you wanted was to sleep at my side.











Dear Brigsby

July 21st, 2011

Hi Jamie,

I recently saw your latest Dear Brigsby post. I think it’s such a sweet and wonderful idea to have people share their advice, experiences and hopes with your child. Because whether we want to admit it or not we, as parents, don’t always have all the right answers or all the right advice. Sometimes other people give our children just the right nugget of truth that they need in life. So I’d love to share a little something with your sweet little boy! - Alaythea

Dear Brigsby,

One of the things I’m learning a little late in life is that this life is what you choose to make it. And beyond anything you have to choose to be happy! And to be honest, it’s not alway easy in the world we live in today. Things aren’t always right, not always fair, not always what you dreamed but if you make a conscious effort to truly be happy, no matter what your situation, it’s going to take you very far in life. People love happy people! And no matter how bad things may seem at some points you can always find something to be grateful and happy about. Be the light everyone wants and needs, bring joy to the lives of those you touch and you will have the biggest impact of all!

Happy growing, little man!


The invitation is still open…if there is anything you would like B to read one day when he’s older, something you never got to tell your own baby, something you’ve always thought but never said…go ahead and send it to me and I promise you B will read it one day. 

THE braid.

July 20th, 2011

perfect summer hair. the hairstyle to end all hair styles. works with everything. wear it up, wear it down…even substitute a fishtail braid. Do it, thank me, and send me your pics.






candy lies

July 17th, 2011








homemade cookie dough. concerts. misty air. giggling and drinking and flashing lights. cadillacs. softball. gypsies. garage sales. vacant land. albino raccoons. 3 hour naps on the floor with the baby. dinner dates. flirting toddlers. josh loving B. dancing with stella. cook outs. youtube. family. rebel flags. soccer. sunshowers. rainbows.

* this merits more than a single word: I was waiting in the publix parking lot while all three of the boys ran inside to grab a couple things. It was raining. A car stopped in front of me, right in front of the store, and the driver got out to help her kids load groceries in the trunk. I waited. The man behind me in a lexus immediately begins honking his horn at me and tried to incite a riot. I believe his exact words to me with his door open and his body hanging out were: “YOU DUMB FUCKING BITCH. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR.” Seriously dude? In front of your wife and kids? With my baby in the car? Go to hell. He then tried to swerve around me after I sweetly told him he was an asshole and to politely go around me…almost hitting one of the kids from the car in front of me, slamming on his brakes. I was on the verge of raging out when the boys got back. Exciting shit, guys, exciting shit.

    Easily Dunn