Even the rain bows down

April 22nd, 2010

Cold airports, flights alone. Chastised by immigration, stranded by the police, abandoned in the dark. Spinning on a dance floor, oblivious to the world. A jewelry store with a bar in the corner, free drinks and anything we wanted. A thousand lights hanging in the dark. Whiskey, standing in the middle of a pool with a hundred eyes on me, dress swirling around my legs, purple in the blue water. Markets and shops, bags, and braids. A sick boy lost at the top of a staircase leading nowhere except the sky. Too many speed bumps and butterflies in my stomach. Cows in the street and a stray dog that needs saving. Laying in the sand, looking up at planes close enough to touch with the tips of my fingers. A puppy burned with acid, three kittens left for dead. Two kittens in the sink, broken legs and screaming blind. lulled to sleep by a disco ball. French accents and narrow streets, curtains blowing through the windows of graffitied houses.  One brokedown palace after another stacked precariously up the mountainside, columns crumbling, vines covering blackened walls. A small child in an alley, running desperately towards traffic. An anchored boat in the waves of a nude beach, swimming to shore to walk on the rocks in the shadows of mountains. secret lagoons and time does not exist.

then neil…neil’s dead and jackie’s screaming.